According to, the Airlines involved in the 9/11 tragedy have agreed to settle 92 of the 95 lawsuits pending against the Airlines for a total of $500 million.    The majority of the lawsuits were filed by the families of victims who rejected the settlement offered through the fund established by Congress to compensate victims of the tragedy.

Some of those pursuing the lawsuits felt that justice was not possible for their loved ones who perished that day in the system set up by Congress.  They wanted answers and wanted to be heard.  One father of a victim says he is upset that to date no one has accepted responsibility for the lapses in security by the airlines and aviation security companies in charge that day.

Many of the families asked for meetings with airline representatives.  Special mediations were set up where victim’s families met with mediators and representatives of the airlines.  In these meetings the victims were able to express their feelings to the airlines and receive expressions of condolences at these meetings.  After being allowed to confront those responsible for their loss, the families were able move to the next step in the case, discussing settlement.  Great to see mediation being used in that manner, ie. to settle the case and to give the families a sense of justice.