According to a report on the, remote control cars containing asbestos parts and manufactured in China, were sold on E-Bay to consumers in Australia.  The E-Bay seller, Topwincn, apparently advertised the cars as containing “super thick asbestos brake blocks”. 

According to E-Bay’s records, Australian consumers purchased several of the asbestos-containing cars.  E-Bay claimed the asbestos containing products were removed from the website when they were notified the toys might contain asbestos.  A spokesman for E-Bay stated: “eBay has a zero tolerance for illegal items and (has) sophisticated systems in place and people working to pick up and remove these sorts of items”. 

The models that included asbestos include:  4WD Speed Sonic 2005 RC Car Model 94102; HSP Atomic Warhead Nitro Buggy Models 94105 and 94106; 2007 Hi-Speed Nitro/Gas Tyrannosaurus Monster Truck Model 94108; Gas Powered RC Car Model Frc-10; Gas Powered 4WD RC Truck Model Frc-08.