July 2008

According to a report on the Age.com.au, remote control cars containing asbestos parts and manufactured in China, were sold on E-Bay to consumers in Australia.  The E-Bay seller, Topwincn, apparently advertised the cars as containing “super thick asbestos brake blocks”. 

According to E-Bay’s records, Australian consumers purchased several of the asbestos-containing cars.  E-Bay claimed the asbestos containing products were removed from the website when they were notified the toys might contain asbestos.  A spokesman for E-Bay stated: “eBay has a zero tolerance for illegal items and (has) sophisticated systems in place and people working to pick up and remove these sorts of items”. 

The models that included asbestos include:  4WD Speed Sonic 2005 RC Car Model 94102; HSP Atomic Warhead Nitro Buggy Models 94105 and 94106; 2007 Hi-Speed Nitro/Gas Tyrannosaurus Monster Truck Model 94108; Gas Powered RC Car Model Frc-10; Gas Powered 4WD RC Truck Model Frc-08.


According to the CPSC, Bayside Furnishings (a division of Whalen) has recalled their Lajolla Boat Bed and Pirates of the Caribbean Twin Trundle Bed after the death of a toddler.  The product is hazardous because the lid supports fail to stop the lid from closing quickly, which can fall on the heads of children and entrap their necks, leading to strangulation.  The beds were sold at Costco and furniture retail stores across the country between January 2006 and May 2008, for $700 to $1,400.