Story in the Boston Globe regarding a new settlement in the Station nightclub fire.  100 people died in the fire, the night of February 20, 2003, while watching a performance by the band Great White.  A roadie set off the band’s pyrotechnics, which caught insulation foam on fire.  The foam accelerated the fire, experts say it burns like gasoline, and soon the entire club was ungulfed in flames.

American foam sold the club $500 worth of foam insulation in 2000, pitching it as a way to keep down noise from the bands that played the club.  The settlement puts the amount of money offered on the case from all defendants at over $150 million.  Defendants who have already offered to settle include Anheuser-Busch Inc., The Home Depot, Clear Channel Broadcasting and several foam manufacturers.  Dave Kane, brother of one of the victims summed it up best when he said it isn’t about money, “It’s about saying to somebody else, ‘You better be more careful because if you do this, you’re going to pay.  In that sense, instead of threatening them with jail time, they’re threatened with financial ruin or financial responsibility.”