According to a story on, a jury in New Jersey awarded $6 million to plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Kia Motors America Inc. – because the braking system on their Kia Sephia sedans, which was produced in the late 1990s, is defective.  The lawsuit alleges that the braking system in the Sephias routinely overheated, causing the brakes to wear out quickly (pads and rotors wore down after only 10,000 miles), leading to expensive repairs for the owners of the cars. 

There were about 8,500 plaintiffs involved in the case and each plaintiff will receive about $750, the amount it costs to repair the defect.  Attorneys will receive almost $4million in fees.  Lawyers in Pennsylvania got a $5million verdict against Kia in 2005 on the same issue.  And a nationwide class action regarding the brake issue was previously settled as well, for a smaller amount.