A class action lawsuit has been filed against Playtex, which alleges a checmical used in manufacturing Playtex baby bottles can cause serious health problems.  A story in the Washington Post.com says Ashley Campbell filed suit against Playtex in Federal Court alleging the company uses bisphenol A (BPA) in their baby bottles.  The chemical is controversial because it mimics estrogen and could induce hormonal responses.  Besides baby bottles, the chemical is used in water bottles, sports equipment, CDs, household electronics, and medical devices.  The concern is that long term use of the products containing BPA will create low dose exposures that could induce chronic toxicity.

 The Canadian goverment is considering banning BPA’s use in baby bottles.  Wal-Mart set a goal to make all baby bottles it sells BPA free by early next year.  The US Government has found that the chemical causes changes in the brain and in behavior, possible precancerous changes in the breat and prostate, and also early puberty, in studies done with lab rats.  A panel of experts issued a statement recently that the average levels of the chemical found in people are above those that cause harm in lab rats. 

Playtex says that US and other regulatory bodies continue to call the chemical safe.  However they plan to offer a system with plastic bottle liners that do not contain BPA and plan to convert their bottles to mostly BPA free by the end of the year.

I will keep you up to date on this one.