According to a story in the Oklahoman, a jury in Oklahoma City awarded a woamn $10.8 million, for her bad faith claim on an American Fidelity cancer policy her son purchased.  Dolores Metger’s son, Michael Metzger, purchsed a cancer policy with American Fidelity in 1992.  The policy was to cover medical expenses in the event Michael was ever diagnosed with cancer.  In November 2004 Michael was diagnosed with cancer.  Michael passed away on January 4, 2005. 

When the expenses were submitted to the insurance company, they refused to pay the amount of actual medical expenses, claiming they should only pay the amount paid by Michael’s insurance company.  American Fidelity’s policy in 1992, when Michael purchsed his cancer policy, was to pay actual medical expenses, the amount the patient was billed, not the amount the medical insurer paid.  American Fidelity claimed they changed this policy in 1994 and only were responsible for the discounted health insurer amount. 

American Fidelity heavily marketed these cancer policies to teachers in Oklahoma.  Michael Metzger was an economist at the University of Central Oklahoma.  Speaking about Mrs. Metger, her attorney Tony Gould said “This was never about the money to her, she just wanted justice for Oklahoma educators.”