Article in Biloxi Sun Herald about Texas Mutual, a workers comp insurance company at the forefront of the tort reform movement in Texas.  One of the rallying cries of tort reformers is that most injured people falsify their claims: they aren’t injured, they aren’t injured as severly as they claim, they were injured by someone else.  The “blame game” list goes on and on.  In fact, Texas Mutual has an entry on their website titled “Fighting Fraud“.  The inference being that there are many, many fraudulent claims.

A judge has found that Texas Mutual knowingly and intentionally manipulated a medical record to gain an unfar advantage in a lawsuit.  The plaintiff’s attorney in the case, Mike Doyle, stated “Texas Mutual not only falsified the original medical record, but, after being caught, secretly solicited from a doctor yet another altered document which an official of Dallas County Hospital District later confirmed under oath was not a genuine record of the Hospital District.”  The court punished Texas Mutual by ordering the company to pay $30,000 in sanctions.

A quote from the Texas Mutual website: “We pursue injured workers who fake an injury, misrepresent information, or collect benefits to which they aren’t entitled.”  Litigators will be able to make some hay out of the information Texas Mutual misrepresented for years to come.  On their website Texas Mutual has an archive of fraud investigation files.  I wonder if this case will make the archive.  Looks like the reformers need some reform.