Every year ATRA, the American Tort Reform Asssociation (the group’s membership is large corporations and the group’s purpose is to take away the average person’s right to judicial remedy), puts together a list of “judicial hellholes”.  It is an unscientific list of venues corporations hate to be sued in. 

Corporate lawyers across America send in their list of places where judges and juries have hammered them (whether their corporate client deserved to be hammered or not is not addressed in the list) and ATRA publishes the results.  This is not a list of venues that treat consumers unfairly, which I would consider a real hell hole.  Again, these are venues corporations don’t like.  Atra’s list of Judicial HellHoles for 2007 is found here.

Law.com has an article on the list.

The Center for Justice and Democracy  issued a press release calling the report unfair and dishonest.  The article debunks some of the information found in ATRA’s report.  Also, a Washington Times article quotes the head of Alabama Trial Lawyers group, who laments the fact that Bama is no longer included on the listing.  He states that when a venue is on the list it means “the courts (are working) properly and (holding) wrongdoers accountable”.  Amen.