A study, scheduled to be published in JAMA this week, concludes that older diabetics who take Avandia and Actos have a significantly increased risk for heart attack, congestive heart failure and death.  Actos is produced by Takeda Pharmacutical North America and Avandia is produced by GlaxoSmithKline.  The findings of this study are similar to the findings of a study published earlier this year in the New England Journal of Medicine

Glaxo was quoted in an article in the Chicago Tribune as saying that the findings “are not consistent with other epidemiological studies and long-term clinical trials, which do not show a difference in cardiovascular risk between Avandia and other anti-diabetic medicines,” Glaxo said. “The inconsistency could be due to the fact that the Avandia patients were older, sicker and had more chronic diseases.”

A spokesman for Actos, Dr. Bob Spanheimer, stated in the article that there “is no increase in heart attacks or deaths with Actos.”

Earlier this year an FDA panel required the makers of Avandia and Accots to put a “black box” warning regarding heart failure on the drug’s packaging.