New article on CNN on Flexipel Stand N’ Seal, manufactured by Roanoke (now known as BRTT) that has a timeline for the Stand ‘N Seal disaster.  The manufacturer started receiving complaints about the product in May 2005.  The manufacturer’s chairman wrote in an email in June 2005 that the company had received complaints about the product for two month, and that the situation was “very serious”.  The CPSC started their investigation into the complaints in June of 2005 and finally recalled the product in August of 2005. 

At some point, the CPSC let the manufacturer of Stand ‘N Seal put the product back on the market with a new formula.  The CNN story relates the case of a man who bought Stand ‘N Seal after the recall, used the product according to the manufacturer’s directions and sustained a severe case of chemical pneumonia after the exposure to the product.  The story takes the CPSC to task for not effectively handling the matter.

The fall out from this public health fiasco continues.  The CPSC needs to assess how these cases can be handle more efficiently on their end.  Two people were killed by this product and dozens more have sustained lung injuries from their exposures.  Attorneys need to look into whether there is a need for medical monitoring in the long term for those who were exposed to this product.