Article on CNN regarding what victims of the CA wildfires can expect when they ask their insurance companies to help them by providing the services they paid for under their insurance policies. If the experience is anything like the gulf coast experience after Katrina and Rita, watch out. Tactics such as lowball offers, denials of valid claims, higher insurance premiums and long time policy holders dropped are likely around the corner for many.

CNN also has an article on strategies for dealing with insurers who try to lowball. Good tips.

Also, a trial lawyer in California has offered pro-bono legal services for fire victims who are getting the run around from insurance companies and need legal advice. His website is here.

Addendum: Looks like FEMA learned from its experience with Katrina.  FEMA decided that rather than doing a terrible job dealing with the press, like director Brown did during Katrina (see article in Times Picayune), they would set up a press conference where FEMA staffers played the role of news media and lob softballs for FEMA officials to knock out of the park (see story here at CNN).  Don’t know why FEMA would pull this stunt, don’t know who thought they would get away with it, but wow, that is a big one.

And another story, on LAW.COM about the possible lawsuits related to this tragedy.