Article in the Lexington Herald Leader about a bad faith trial against Allstate.  A former Allstate claims casualty manager, Debbie Niemer, took the stand in a case against Allstate, testifying about Allstate’s claims handling strategies.  The lawsuit, filed in Kentucky, alleges a pattern of bad faith in Allstate’s handling claims under Kentucky’s insurance laws. 

Niemer’s testimony involved Allstate’s practice of allegedly bullying injury victims into taking reduced payments for pain and suffering, such as using dehumanizing tactics aimed at maximizing Allstate’s bottom line.  Neimer also testified that Allstate does not include information in their claim file that would be damaging to their low ball analysis of the claim – a practice aimed at innoculating the file against bad faith lawsuits (this shows their knowledge they are in bad faith).  Niemer also recounted instances where Allstate altered numbers in the computer analysis of a claim, when the computer came up with a number that was too high.  The claims of this former Allstate employee are shocking if they are true.