Good article in the Detroit Free Press about Michigan’s tort reform experiment and the non-results of the reforms.  Tort reformers always say tort reforms grow business and create wealth – that the tort system is a drain on wealth and inhibits growth.  Never mind the everyday people whose lives are ruined by the negligence of others.  Never mind that the state picks up the tab for the negligent acts of others when businesses are given a free ride and insurance companies are not required to pay for the very things they accept premiums for. 

Michigan has enacted some of the most draconian tort reform laws in the country.  The article addresses the state of the state in the wake of the reforms, which have been in place for years.  Michigan has not seen the huge rate of job growth that the reformers promised.  The job growth rate in Michigan has been stagnant.    

In addition, Michigan enacted a law to specifically protect the drug industry from liability suits.  As thanks for that protection one of the biggest names in the drug industry, Pfizer, recently moved 2,700 jobs from their Michigan facilities to other states.  Rather than create new drug industry jobs, Michigan just lost 2,700 drug industry jobs. 

Michigan has not seen the results the tort reformers promised.  The rights of everyday citizens to seek redress have been taken away and curtailed in Michigan and rather than huge windfalls to everyday people, in the form of new job growth and new jobs, the windfalls have been to big corporations who don’t have to pay for the harm done to everyday people.

This example speaks volumes about the type of promises made by the tort reformers and the real results that follow these types of laws.