The CPSC announced a second Mattel toy recall today (complete story on the events surrounding the recall at CNN).  This recall involves various Mattell toys.  The toys have been recalled because of lead paint and magnets.  The lead paint is an obvious problem.  Magnets have caused severe problems in small children who swallowed the magnets.  

Sarge diecast toys from the movie Cars are being recalled because the Chinese factory that made the toy used lead paint on the toy.  Barbie and Tanner doll sets are being recalled because they contain magnets which could harm children.  The Mattel Safety Recall Facts page has more detailed information on the descriptions of the toys involved in the recall.  See story on my blawg below for information on the first Mattel recall.

Edit – Links to more info on the specific Mattel toys involved in today’s recall, including pictures of the products: Polly Pocket toys (magnets), Doggie Day Care toys (magnets), Batman action figure sets (magnets), and One Piece figure sets (magnets), from the CPSC webpage.  Good article in the New York Times with more details about the events surrounding the recall.