Have you ever been denied on a health insurance claim? Ever spent hours on the phone with insurance reps who seem to be looking for a reason to deny your claim. There is a great article on CNN.com with tips on fighting your health insurer.

Besides giving step by step advice on how to argue your case, it also includes the story of someone who lived this nightmare. Todd Robinson’s insurer denied $200,000 worth of medical bills on his son, who suffered from adrenoleukodystrophy. Mr. Robinson spent huge amounts of time fighting the insurance company, time he could have spent with his dying son.

The Insurance Industry spokeman quoted in the article says that denials are “infrequent” and usually the fault of doctor’s improperly coding the bills. Right. The Insurance Industry spokesman said he was “surprised” to hear that an insurer denied Mr. Robinson’s $200,000 claim, but is “sure the company has learned from that experience”. I guess it is just tough luck for Mr. Robinson that he was used as a learning experience.