Justice Sam Alito has made himself the brightest star in a galaxy of shining stars.  This Supreme Court is the most business friendly court in years, and Alito is the most friendly of the bunch.  In an article on Bloomberg.com, Robin Conrad, executive VP of the US Chamber of Commerce’s litigation unit, called this year’s term “absolutely stellar” and “the best in the unit’s 30-year history”. 

A quote from Maureen Mahoney, a lawyer at Latham & Watkins in Washington, sums up the term this way: “I always thought of the Rehnquist court as a good forum for business, I think we now know that the Roberts court is even better”.

This term the court limited state government’s authority to regulate national banks, made it harder for plaintiffs to sue in shareholder lawsuits, tightened restrictions on punitive damages, and limited consumer’s rights under federal credit reporting laws, in a case where the court sided with insurers over consumers.

But the stats tell the tale, Alito sided with the US Chamber of Commerce 13 out of 14 votes – making him a superstar for business by any standard.  See the US Chamber’s victory press release here.  Consumers are in for a bumpy ride the next few years.