The New York Times has an editorial on the amount of money spent in this country on judicial races.  Interesting facts: business interests contributed $15 million to candidates running in state supreme court races.  By contrast lawyers contributed only $7 million in the same races.  Several years ago business interests succeeded in “flipping” the Alabama Supreme Court – changing the court from a court that protects consumer/worker’s rights to one that protects business interests.  The same thing also happened with the Texas Supreme Court.  Over 17,000 ads were run in the race for Chief Justice in Alabama recently.  

Business interests in this country are attacking consumers’ rights to fair compensation for injury.  These same groups are not advocating taking away big business’ right to sue.  These companies that are advocating taking away consumers’ rights are the same companies who routinely get multi-million dollar judgments in the court system.  Don’t know what the solution is, but consumers deserve better than the current system.