Roller shoes are a huge phenomenom.  Kids all over the world wiz down ailes, halls, streets and through parks on these skate shoes.  I’ve nearly been hit by kids using these shoes while walking through the grocery store.  From September 2005 until December 2006 the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 64 roller shoe injuries and one death.  According to a Washington Post story, doctors around the world have treated broken elbows, wrists, arms, ankles and cracked skulls.  The name of the most popular brand of these shoes is “Heely’s”.

The injuries are happening because kids are using the skates without proper safety gear.  Because they can be worn as normal shoes, kids are walking out with the shoes on, and then not putting on a helmet and pads when they pop the wheels out and start to skate.

A lot of injuries happen with novice users who haven’t mastered balancing on the heels.  But there are dangers for experienced users as well.  Balancing on heels can strain the feet and Achilles tendon.  Bottom line, if you get your kids these skates, you need to educate them about the dangers.