This article by Robert J. Ambrogi  at Legal Blog Watch suggests that the tort reform movement should be renamed, because the nature of the movement is not reform but rather destruction of the societal safety net created to help those injured by the hands of others.   The attack on the civil justice system, by so-called “tort reformers” has been quite successful on many fronts.  But the cost to society has yet to be seen.  When those who cause damage are not held responsible for their actions, it is society who ends up paying the bill for the person who is injured and cannot afford to provide basic necessities for him or his family.  One of the suggested name changes is “destruction of the civil justice system”.  I like that one a lot.  The destruction of the civil justice system that is going on now will have real societal consequences.


Check out the article and offer suggestions as to what you think the movement should be called.  I have always liked Ralph Nader’s suggestion “tort deform”, but I am sure someone can come up with something to top that.